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How It Work

Payper Second is the combination of “Pay Per” and “Second”. Through utilising AI technology, we aim at realising investment with compound interests. Digital finance will be an important path for the next generation of blockchain industry revolution. As a fast-growing professional digital assets management platform, Payper Second has a core R&D technical team and a trading team with more than 10 years of experience in the financial industry and are early-stage investors in digital assets. By bringing together collective wisdom and artificial intelligence, Payper Second excels in achieving value-added trades in the everchanging digital assets market.
Payper Second hopes to build an international digital smart wallet, allowing investors to make use of every opportunity to achieve compound interests.
Payper Second operates in a transparent and safe trading circumstance. It helps investors to gain from arbitrage via comparing exchange rates of various exchanges and earning the spread between platforms. Such investment method maximises the profit. We are not only supporting multi-currency cross-border remittances and storages, but also updating exchange rate every hour, providing investors the convenience of real-time tracking.

Our Advantages

Efficient & Convenient

Efficient & Convenient

Instant access to latest news with a mobile app and official website.

Hourly Profit

Every Second Profit

Every Second profit is converted to wallet share, allowing participation in profit distribution of the next hour.

Low Entry

Low Entry

An initial investment of $10, offering equal opportunities and realising investment goals.

Zero Risk

Zero Risk

Utilising trend forecasting and AI technology to monitor market changes 24/7.

Open & Transparent

Open & Transparent

Grasp information with real-time exchange rate.

Desired Access

Desired Access

Desired access anytime anywhere with convenient fund collection.

Our Business Plan


Minimum Investment : $10

Maximum Investment : $499

7% daily for 20 days


Minimum Investment : $500

Maximum Investment : $4999

8% daily for 20 days


Minimum Investment : $5000

Maximum Investment : $14999

9% daily for 20 days


Minimum Investment : $15000

Maximum Investment : $25000

10% daily for 20 days


Minimum Investment : $50

Maximum Investment : $25000

200% after 20 days

Level Income

Income(%) Level
10% Direct
2% 2nd Level
1% 3rd Level
1% 4th Level
0.25% 5th to 20th Level

Payper Second

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5% Representative Bonus Unlimited in your Downline.


Our office location: 61 Mosley Street International House Manchester United Kingdom M2 3HZ. Feel free to visit our office anytime.

That is blockchain issue, which is normal and happens sometimes. Just wait few hours and it will appear in your wallet.

That's because you forgot to fill in your Payment address. Click on "Edit Account" button in your account menu and fill in your wallet information, where you would like to receive withdrawals. You must do it, because without this information your withdrawal won't be processed.

Because you must always wait until 3 confirmations before it's credited to your account, and it only depends on the speed of the Bitcoin network. These links are very useful for you: and

There is maximum deposit limit $25000. is a prominent representative of the international financial market, cryptocurrency trading and mining, it is a developer of hardware and offers safe investments in this area.

Any interested person can become the investor of, no matter how well he or she understands the scope of our business and technical aspects of cryptocurrency mining as a whole.

The company develops long-term relationships with customers and partners. Our business plan includes the phased development over the next 10 years, until at least 2030.

No, you can't lose money. We make every effort to ensure the safety of your assets. Also we have a reserve fund, that ensures the safety of your deposits.

It's quite easy and convenient. Follow this link, fill in the registration form and then press "Register".

In the "Make Deposit" section of your account, select the necessary investment plan, enter the amount, select the payment source (send the amount from your wallet or invest from your account balance) and click on Spend button.

We accept Bitcoin only.

If you are not familiar with cryptocurrencies, then the easiest and most popular way is to use Bitcoin. You can invest with any service which is the provider of Bitcoin wallets (addresses). If you do not have such wallet, please register it at the following address or or

Each of your deposits can be from 10 USD to 25000 USD maximum.

Your deposit will be added after 3 confirmations of Bitcoin network. This process takes from 1 to 24 hours. If you still don't know what Bitcoin confirmations are visit this site and read information here:

You can have many deposits, we do not limit their number. Each of your deposits has unique conditions, proper time of profit accrual and profit margins.

Profit is generated instant every second.

Yes, of course. Profit is generated every second 7 days a week.

Yes, profits are also accrued on Saturdays and Sundays.

Our system allows you to accumulate funds on the balance of your account, which you can use as a source for the creation of a new deposit.

Login to your account using your username and password and click on "Withdraw Funds" section.

Minimum withdrawal amount is 5 USD.

The system works in an automatic mode, which means that you get paid immediately after creating your query. offers 20 levels of referral commissions - 10% commission for every deposit that your direct referral makes from his wallet, 2nd level commission is 2%, 3rd to 4th level 1%, 5th to 20th Level 0.25%.

Yes, it is necessary to have your own active deposit.

Check the login data: your username and password. If you are sure you enter correct data, but it is not possible to access the account, use the password reset function, which is located below the login form. Click on forgot password link, type your username or e-mail and you'll receive a confirmation code to your email for resetting your password.

You can change your password directly from your members area by editing it in your personal profile.

You can always add/edit your Payment address in "Edit Account" section. To do this, you will need to get an email with a confirmation code. Please note that the email may appear in the spam folder.

You can access the account information 24 hours, seven days a week over the Internet.

Yes, but we strongly recommend that you register one account and use it for investment. It will allow to reduce load on the server and database, as well as prevent any possible problems.

Yes, sure.

The most likely cause of the payment delay is invalid payment address in your "Edit Account" section, or its absence, check it out first.

You can contact us around the clock via the support form or email We will promptly respond to any problems.

No, our clients do not have to bear any fees while withdrawing their funds.

You just need to register and use your referral link to attract new investors.